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Charitable Giving


We help you fulfill any philanthropic goals you might have and maximize the effectiveness of your charitable legacy. Giving Can come in many forms & vehicles, below is just a sampling of strategies.


  •   Ordinary Income Property

    •       Donate inventory, copyrights, annuity payments, depreciated or amortized property, partnership                   interests or short term capital gains property.

  •   Long Term Capital Gains Property

    •       Donate real estate, securities, business interests or capital assets held longer than one year.

  •   Bequest Gift

    •       Cash or property at donor’s death.

  •   Wealth Replacement Trust

    •      Use life insurance to replace value of property gifted to charity.

  •   Charity as Beneficiary

    •      Named in donor’s life insurance policy.

  •   New Policy Gift

    •      Issued to charity as owner.

  •   Existing Policy Gift

    •      Transfer policy to charity.

  •   “Bargain Sales”

    •     Sell property to charity at less than fair market value (FMV); excess of FMV over sale amount is gift.

  •   Contribute Property Subject to Debt

    •      Donate a mortgaged property.

  •   Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)

    •      An irrevocable trust providing current income payments to a non-charitable beneficiary followed by                payment of remainder interest to a charity.

      •    Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT) – Income interest is fixed annuity.

      •    Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT) – Income interest is a fixed percentage of trust value.

  •   Charitable Lead Trust (CLT)

    •      An irrevocable trust providing current income payments to a charity followed by payment of the                    remainder interest to a non-charitable beneficiary.

  •   Pooled Income Fund

    •      Donor gives to a charity-maintained fund retaining the income interest amount earned by the fund.

  •   Donor Advised Fund

    •      Donor gives to a donor community-maintained fund .

  •   Charitable Gift Annuities

    •      Donor gives cash or property and receives life annuity from charity.

  •   Remainder Interest in Personal Residences & Farms

    •      Donor gifts remainder interest to charity but retains lifetime use.

  •   Qualified Conservation Contribution

    •      Donor gives qualified real property interest solely for conservation use

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