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Frequently Asked Questions


I started my own agency and because of that I understand that there may be questions from my valued clients. I have provided a list below of answers to common questions but I am more than happy to schedule a meeting, phone call or web conference with you to go over any additional questions you may have. 

​What happened to my Living Balance Sheet website?

LBS is a proprietary software owned by Guardian whom Nick was previously affiliated with. Once he terminated affiliation Living Balance Sheet access was turned off for all his clients



Where did all my information go?

LBS data is housed on some of the most secure servers on the planet utilizing the same security as the NYSE & most of the biggest banks in the US.



Will I still be able to track all my finances?

Yes! Not only will you still have all the great aggregation features LBS provided you'll have a custom Client Portal from which you & your advisor can share documents securely, track/update/monitor all things financial on a day to day basis.  You'll also be able to see meeting notes to refresh your memory about our conversations & see how hard we work for you behind the scenes with real-time updates to your profile.

What happens to my life, disability, or long term care insurance?

Nothing!  Don't worry at all, as a broker I still maintain my contracts & authority to service all my existing clients no matter who their insurance carrier is.  You can still call me anytime to review or update your policies.

What happens to my investments?

We need to meet.  One of the most painful parts of starting my own practice is the requirement to get brand new paperwork signed by each & every one of my clients who want to continue utilizing my investment management services.


The good news is for almost all accounts I can accept scanned or faxed copies of your new paperwork.


Let's schedule time today to catch up on your accounts!

Who is Investment Fiduciary Planners?


This is my 'DBA' or Doing Business As firm name.  I chose it after lengthy deliberation understanding the coming wave of FIDUCIARY standards that will forever change the financial services industry for the better!

Who is Cape Securities, Inc. & Cape Investment Advisory, Inc.?
This is my Broker/Dealer & Registered Investment Advisor or RIA. I serve as a Registered Representative & Investment Advisor Representative or IAR respectively.


A little more about Cape Securities:

They are not only a Broker Dealer but a Financial Center, providing you all the resources of a true financial concierge.

Who is Southwest Securities?

This is my clearing firm. A little more about SWS: Southwest Securities, Inc., has provided clearing solutions to broker-dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada for more than 40 years. We focus on consistently delivering an unparalleled level of service, powerful and flexible technology and a comprehensive suite of products and services to our correspondents with a commitment to developing long-term relationships.​

Didn't see your question?! I want to hear it & answer it today, please contact me here.
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